HOPE Volleyball SummerFest 2024,Planning Team Volunteer Opportunity


HOPE, Helping Other People Everywhere, is a local not for profit charitable organization. Each summer we plan and host HOPE Volleyball SummerFest, which is our largest fundraiser of the year, and it raises money for 3-6 local charities. 

This years event will take place on Saturday July 13th 2024.  Our annual event is an outdoor, festival, sporting event, that combines a volleyball tournament with all day music. We have a volunteer planning team that is managed by 3 event supervisors, and is made up of a 40 person team that helps manage the 600 day of volunteers, as well as help with some of the planning leading up to this large event.

We at HOPE are looking for some new members of our planning team. The commitment is not large- Approximately 30  hours over a 4 to 5 month period, and about 20 of those hours would take place the week of July 8th to July 19th. We are looking for volunteers that are dependable and reliable, committed to the full 5 months. We need volunteers with confidence and great leadership skills.

We require all volunteers to meet with the Event Coordinator and Executive Director, to be interviewed so that we can give more information to the applying Volunteer, to see if this opportunity will fit, and which position you would be best to fill. 

Current committees that we are looking to fill are:


-Info Booth/50-50

If interested please send an email to [email protected] for more information.


Type d'Évenement: Loisir/Plein Air; Sport; Musique; Gastronomique; Variété
Type de position: Logistique/Équipe sur place; Service a la clientèle; Comptabilité et finances; Planification d'événements; Transport
Endroit: Ottawa - Central
Date d'événement: 2024-07-12
Exigences de temps: Journées
Langue: Anglais
Convient à: Jeunes adultes (19 - 24 ans); Étudiants ou adolescents (14-18 ans); Groupes
Type de travail: Intérieur; Extérieur; Physique; Administration