H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everywhere)

Was started in 1982 by Fred Logan and his friends as part of a group of events, inspired by Terry Fox, whose sole purpose was to give back to the Ottawa Community.

What was a small group of teams has grown into the World’s Largest One Day Volleyball Tournament and has continued to support Ottawa’s local charities.

H.O.P.E., championed by its’ Expand Our Give Committee, as part of the Adopt a Park/Roadway program, is lucky to have adopted Britannia Park, the site of our first ever SummerFest in 1982.   Twice a year, a team of volunteers and staff actively keep our shared spaces clean, green, and free of litter and graffiti. H.O.P.E. continues its history of reaching out to, participating with and giving back to our community.

These many successes are made possible because of the support of several committed stakeholders. First, and foremost, H.O.P.E. is a volunteer led and driven organization. It depends on the efforts of an active board of directors, a membership body, and a core planning team of some forty individuals who, in turn, manage close to 700 event-day volunteers at SummerFest. The volunteers are assisted by a small, dedicated staff. H.O.P.E. is also extremely fortunate to count on the generous and continued support of its stellar family of corporate partners as well as the City of Ottawa.

Organization's Volunteer Opportunties

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HOPE Volleyball SummerFest 2024 (Planning Team Volunteer Opportunity)

HOPE, Helping Other People Everywhere, is a local not for profit charitable organization. Each summer we plan and host HOPE Volleyball SummerFest, which is our largest fundraiser of the year and it raises money for 3-6 local charities. 


This year`s event will take place on Saturday July 13th 2024.  Our annual festival and sporting event combines a volleyball tournament with all day music and live entertainment. We have a 40 person volunteer Planning Team, managed by 3 Event Supervisors who help manage 600 event day volunteers, and play a role in lead up planning of this large event. We at HOPE are looking for new members of our planning team. 


The commitment is not large - approximately 30 hours over a 4 to 5 month period, with about 20 hours taking place during the week of July 8th to July 19th. We are looking for volunteers that are dependable, reliable and committed for the 5 month period. We need volunteers with confidence and great leadership skills.




Are you a logistics whiz that likes to be in the middle of the action and play a major role in event production? You may be a perfect fit for the Parking Committee. This position is a great opportunity for those looking to gain valuable large event management experience.  The Parking Committee manages four parking lots used for the festival, while providing oversight for event day volunteers. The Parking Committee will be working with many of the tools used in traffic management situations, such as traffic cones, barricades, directional signage, and 2-way radios. A vehicle will also be provided for easy access to the different lots      


The HOPE Team is also looking for one more member for the Info Booth/50-50 Committee.


We ask all those interested to meet with the Event Coordinator to discuss which position may be the best fit for the potential Planning Team recruit’s skills and interest.

If interested please send an email to [email protected] for more information.


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Get involved at HOPE Volleyball SummerFest

Our team of volunteers are at the forefront of HOPE Volleyball and we’re interested in working with people who are passionate about wanting to make a difference in our community. We are interested in working with YOU! We need YOU, once again, TO HELP US MAKE IT HAPPEN!

HOPE will pay for your Smart Serve certification for 2024. Here`s how...

1) Sign-up to volunteer in the bar services area, space is limited.

2) Complete your training with Smart Serve prior to event day. 

3) Provide your receipt for the payment of your 2024 Smart Serve training after the event.   

4) Once you provide your proof of payment, HOPE will reimburse you, after the event, and with proof of shift fulfillment.

All HOPE volunteers receive:

Orientation and training

  • Special H.O.P.E. volunteer shirt
  • Lunch during your shift
  • Parking pass
  • For those high school students, these hours count towards your 40 hrs of volunteer service!
  • A fun time and the satisfaction of helping a great cause

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